Robert Plant Drops Hints at New Project With The Honeydrippers

Robert Plant Drops Hints at New Project With The Honeydrippers

January 8, 2019



Is Robert Plant working on a sequel to the supergroup The Honeydrippers? In a recent tweet, the artist made reference to his only record work with the band, "The Honeydrippers: Volume One EP", from 1984.


The singer published a photo in which he can be seen in the studio with Nile Rodgers and a text that says: "Another reunion ... Honeydrippers Vol I 1984, Part 2 ...". 


Rodgers, the legendary guitarist of Chic, has a wide range of credits as a session and producer musician, including the original EP of The Honeydrippers, which included five songs.


Plant put together The Honeydrippers in 1981, after the disbandment of Led Zeppelin. Working with a group of musicians that he had known since childhood, they played blues and rockabilly from the 50s, and performed non-public concerts in small clubs far from the center of attention in London. That ended when Plant began his solo career with the album "Pictures at Eleven", 1982.


He relived the name of The Honeydrippers a couple of years later at the urging of Atlantic Records president Ahmet Ertegun, who had seen one of those concerts and wanted an album with the classic songs But instead of using the musicians of the previous tour, Plant summoned Nile Rodgers, guitarists Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page and keyboardist Paul Shaffer.


"Rockin 'at Midnight", a Roy Brown song, was chosen as the first single, but radio programmers preferred the B side, an extraordinary version of "Sea of ​​Love" by Phil Phillips. The song reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, the best charting song for a Robert Plant recording either as a soloist or with Led Zeppelin.


The long-term promises never materialized, so maybe Plant is finally fulfilling that promise of more than three decades. Or it could just be a picture of two people who worked together 35 years ago reconnecting in a studio. Time will tell.









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