Are You A Lazy Rock Fan?

Are You A Lazy Rock Fan?

July 21, 2018

Disclaimer I The text represents the views of the author, not or the editors.


Every Rock fan knows how important the process of band and genre discovery is. You may well remember in detail how you first heard a song from your favorite band, your favorite album. How did you go deeper into the discography of a band that you like a lot? Was it backwards? Were you following up on the release order? No order?


Everyone who has gone through this process of discovery, knows that from a certain moment you need to apply to increase the repertoire of bands and genres, otherwise you are a lazy rocker.


In fact, who has never been to deepen, to pan, nor deserve the title of lazy rocker, just lazy. Jokes aside, there are people who even like Rock but only know the hits; without problems, after all it is impossible to delve into everything that interests you. If you are a rocker, it is precisely because you gave up other interests to dedicate yourself to Rock.


Metallica's James Hetfield was interested in music and football. Johnny Ramone loved music and baseball. Needless to say, they gave up becoming athletes, to become musicians. After all, life demands choices.


I'm not saying that a real Rocker is only dedicated to Rock, but Rock is certainly one of his priorities, if not the main one. Just as an athlete needs to study the sport, a real rocker, whether professional or just a hobby, needs to study the genre, otherwise you're a lazy rocker.


If you do not pan out, do not go behind, give up certain prejudices, you are probably depriving yourself of knowing many great bands. In fact, it's not just laziness, but prejudices can also be an obstacle in the discovery of new bands, but basically musical prejudice, in my opinion, is a sloth: you label a band (or genre), usually with superficial knowledge and there has a perfect excuse not to delve into this band (or genre). Makes sense?


Finally, increasing your musical repertoire requires dedication, discipline, open mind, but I assure you that the effort will bring good fruit and excellent fruit. So let laziness and prejudice go hand in hand, or rather works.


Firstly, in my opinion, you need to reflect what level you are in relation to certain bands. There are bands that we totally ignore even those we know deeply. And in the middle there are a lot of bands that we know partially. The intention is to deepen in those bands that are known partially and to know new bands.


Is it possible to know and deepen in all the bands? Impossible! But do not be discouraged by this. Who plays an instrument knows that it is impossible to master all techniques, all genres, but the incessant search for improvement is a characteristic of great musicians. Who uses the excuse that it is impossible to know all the bands is a lazy rocker.


From total ignorance to deep knowledge I have elaborated some categories, or levels of knowledge to help you reflect and increase your musical repertoire, then without further ado, let's go:


CATEGORY or ZERO LEVEL: I absolutely do not know a particular band. Before any consideration, it must be said that it is the natural state of things, not only of musical knowledge, after all no one is born knowing. What counts here is recognizing your ignorance and going after it. An acquaintance commented about a band and you have no idea? If you have not tried to listen to this band, you are a lazy rocker; even more nowadays that the technology allows easy access. Without spending a penny, a simple internet search lets you get out of ignorance about a band.


When a friend quotes a band that you do not know and you do not go look it up, you're a Lazy Rocker, that's right. If you ignore the indication of someone with well-known musical taste, you are a LAZY ROCK FAN (big letters). If you think you already know everything, besides being lazy is presumptuous. Its repertoire is giant and you are able to indicate countless bands, but it does not accept any indication: Presumptuous Rocker. If you pretend to know the band, just to ignore ignorance: PRESCHOOL ROCKER.


CATEGORY or LEVEL ONE: I've heard something about a certain band. If you analyze well, this is a very large and dangerous category because not infrequently, based on little information, an opinion is formed. If you only know one song, chances are you have not gone: lazy rocker. If you've heard a song and you do not like it, you've stopped to think that the band may have better songs. Even your favorite bands have bad songs, if by chance the first song you heard was bad?


Following the same reasoning of the previous category, if someone with musical taste indicates a band, at least admits: I do not like BUT I know little and then go back, if not: Lazy Rocker. Now, what if you enjoyed the music of a band and did not go after more songs, no forgiveness: LAZY ROCKER.


CATEGORY or LEVEL TWO: I do not know everything, but I know a lot. In this case, you can say with propriety whether or not you like a band, you are not forming an opinion based on just one song. If you went after a band and listened to some songs and did not like it, listening to the complete discography is torture, even if the band is highly recommended, you gave the band a chance and did not like it. So far so good, but the problem is that this is a photograph, I have already changed my mind several times. I think it's perfectly possible to start liking a band, people change.


One of the most common ways people change their minds is when they hear their favorite bands doing a cover of a band that you do not like. Let me give you a concrete example: The Ramones is one of those bands that people love or hate; usually those who do not like to argue that it is a rough band and that only knows three notes or chords (which is a prejudice, in general, in relation to Punk), but there arises a tribute album to the Ramones (We're a Happy Family: A Tribute to Ramones, 2002), which has bands like Metallica and Kiss.


At this point, people begin to review their concepts and listen to the band differently. Incidentally, do not expect a band you like to do a cover to discover their musical references, if you love a band and do not go after their influences: lazy rocker. Now what if you like a band, heard some songs, but there is still a lot to explore, but haven't? Lazy Rocker.


Nowadays it is quite common to do "marathons" of TV series, people spend the whole weekend watching episodes, seasons. If you like Rock, why not do the same? Have you done a "marathon" listening to a band's songs from the first to the last album? I know this is a difficult thing, but it's unforgivable that you have never heard all the albums of your favorite band chronologically: lazy rocker. pearls, going to see the musical evolution of the band, listening to the lyrics, paying attention. Is it too much work? LAZY ROBBER


I'm going to open a parenthesis here and if you find it boring skip to the next category, (but, I have to say, most rock fans are lazy. You may think I'm being presumptuous, but follow my reasoning. You're going to a concert by a band that is promoting their newly recorded album that you have not heard. I've had enough of going to great shows, with a lot of years of road, aging as wine, the recent album is excellent, but since most of the audience is lazy rockers, the bands end up having to do an outdated repetitious setlist.