Happy Birthday Al Greenwood

Happy Birthday Al Greenwood

October 21, 2018

Al Greenwood was a founding member of Foreigner and has worked with a host of other musicians as a songwriter, producer, and keyboard player. 


After attending the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, he worked as a session player and engineer before joining Mick Jones to help form Foreigner.


Greenwood appeared on the band's first three albums, but was let go in 1980 as the group matured and he himself started to do more songwriting. He and former Foreigner bassist Ed Gagliardi formed the band SPYS in 1981, along with John Blanco, John DiGaudio, and Billy Milne. Greenwood's next notable project was co-writing and playing keyboards on Joe Lynn Turner's solo debut album, Rescue You (1985).


Since then, Greenwood has continued to write and co-write songs, including work with Deep Purple and Fiona, and to produce and perform on albums for other artists, such as Redman and Jennifer Rush. In 2014, he launched a company supplying custom compositions for films, trailers, ads, and video games. ~ Patsy Morita




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